The process of making Kodawari Menya Udon & Tempura is painstaking, one that is carefully undertaken by our Udon artisans.

Firstly, superior grade wheat flour is mixed in with optimal amount of salt. The kneading process is carried out under appropriate temperature and humidity. In a hygienically monitored environment, the dough is then carefully stepped on to remove any remaining air. Once this process is completed, the dough is left to rest and thereafter, cut into large pieces.

This laborious process is akin to a silent battle between the noodle makers and their craft. Every string of noodle is being tested by the makers’ touch until it reaches their mark of perfection. The kneading, stepping, separating, rubbing, cutting, boiling and the final presentation are all a series of negotiations the maker cleverly navigates.

There are times when they both find it agreeable, and there are times when they have heated exchanges. Factor in the changing seasons throughout the year and the challenges of varying temperatures and humidity, and you can imagine the ongoing tug of war that takes place. “How’s the balance between the salt and water?” they would ask the wheat. And the wheat would reply,  “There is still work to be done”. Through it, the artisans know best to thread in the single enduring quality of sincerity as they manoeuvre their noodles to perfection.

And every season without fail, we continue to wage those battles to achieve our mark of excellent Udon.

As we pour our hearts into these discourses with the ingredients, we reach farther into the depth of Udon making, each conversation further refining our skills and knowledge of our craft. Even after decades of noodle making, we are still pushing ourselves and striving to make the best Udon. And hopefully, in time our daily struggles will allow us to make the finest of them all. 

For better health and well-being, we incorporate the breakthrough ingredient - ‘Rare Sugar’ into our Udon. 












What is ‘Rare Sugar’? It is the Miracle of Zero Calorie. カロリーゼロの奇跡の糖『稀少糖』とは?

The rapid rise of consumer health awareness has sparked increasing attention towards ‘Rare Sugar’. The development of this healthy form of sugar was led by Kagawa University and the local government. 

‘Rare Sugar’ is unique because it contains zero calories but maintains 70% the sweetness of regular sugar, thus helping to prevent blood sugar rise after meals and fat build-up.

We told ourselves “If this extraordinary sweetener is substituted for regular sugar in our Udon making, this would definitely help reduce the high rates of diabetes in the Kagawa Prefecture.” This very idea kick started our ‘Rare Sugar’ project. 


『稀少糖』とは糖の一種で、香川大学が中心となり産学官連携で開発。砂糖の70%もの甘味があるのにカロリーゼロ。さらに、食後の血糖値の上昇を抑える効果も期待されるという “奇跡の糖”なのです。


brand laurette

383 trials before it was finally completed… 383回にも及ぶ試作の末、ついに完成。


Our Kodawari Menya Udon uses rare sugar to replace the refined sugar originally used in our noodle recipe. The test for the new recipe took almost a month before we found success. However, as we discovered later in our restaurant, this improved noodle changed the colour of the broth.

Disappointed but unbeaten, we went back to the drawing board. Days went by as we strived to find a solution and admittedly at times, our spirits were left flagging.

After 383 trials and errors, we finally succeeded in producing stock soup which had a sublime “Taste, Color, and Smell” that went beyond our satisfaction.

We were delighted with the results and we are proud to continue with this practice of using syrup made from rare sugar in our Udon.





Miracle Soy Sauce [Rare Sugar Soy Sauce]  奇跡のだし醤油、「稀少糖万能だし醤油」

In our support towards good health, we extended the use of the extraordinary rare sugar to our soy sauce. It was another milestone for our brand when we produced our special soy sauce – the ‘Rare Sugar Soy Sauce’ that uses the syrup from rare sugar. It contains zero calories but maintains 98% the sweetness of regular sugar.

One can even easily bring this condiment to the family dinner table. The stock for the soy sauce is made with seafood to produce a highly flavourful and aromatic sauce. Furthermore, our rare sugar soy sauce is versatile. It can be used to prepare Udon as well as any Japanese or Western dish.



Kodawari  - We are dedicated to Customers’ health and well-being. お客さまの元気と健康にもこだわりを。

We began the Rare Sugar Project as a testament to provide natural and healthy food for our customers. However, our journey has only just begun. We now look to the future to continue our efforts to produce food that brings utmost satisfaction to everyone’s health and spirit.